A complete line of Thermal Setting Monolithic Liners formulated for maximum chemical and abrasion resistance in a wide variety of corrosive environments and temperature conditions. Not affected by water, oil, brine, and most acids and alkalines. Parker Chemline industrial liners have superior compressive strength and thickness, are non-shrinking and cure quickly to minimize downtime. Recommended for many industries: pulp and paper, food processing, canning, metalplating, chemical processing, and wood drying.

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Chemline product line:
3000 - LDL Light Duty Liner
3100 - DCL Damp Conditions Liner
3200 - CRL Chemical Resistant Liner
3500 - EAR Extreme Abrasion Resistant
3600 - HHC High Heat and Chemical
3900 - VEL Vinylester Liner

After - Paperwire Pit


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