Drawing on over 30 years of application experience, Parker Coatings has researched and developed a line of primers to insure excellent adhesion and bonding properties to various substrates prior to the application of sealers, liners, or floor surfacers. Parker has formulated primers to enable the coating of troublesome substrates such as green concrete, and in some of the most difficult environments, such as cold and damp areas.

Probond product line: (PDF files)

20 - UP Universal Primer
21 - MCP Moisture Cure Aluminum Primer
24 - KP Kiln Primer
26 - CP Concrete Primer (thin film)
61 - CP Concrete Primer (100% Solids)
62 - DCP Damp Conditions Primer
63 - GCP Green Concrete Primer
64 - NSP Nonporous Surface Primer

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