Chemseal product line: (PDF Files)

1015 - WRU  Wear Resistant Urethane
1175 - UVR  Ultra Violet Resistant
1190 - HBU  Hi Build Urethane
1600 - APU  Aliphatic Polyester Urethane
2400 - PES  Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
2404 - KFC  Kiln Finish Coat
2405 - WCE  Water Clear Epoxy
2445 - WRE  Water Reducible Epoxy
2435 - SBE  Solvent Based Epoxy

For Product Recommendation:
Flooring Site Survey (Word format)
Flooring Site Survey (PDF format)
A wide array of thin film surface coatings and sealers formulated to meet numerous industrial requirements. Parker Coatings manufactures the Chemseal line of coatings - clear and pigmented, water-borne and solvent-thinned epoxies and urethanes - to effectively protect such varied substrates as interior or exterior concrete, wood and metal. Chemseal products apply easily, cure quickly, and offer superior acid, solvent and abrasion resistance. Ideal for warehouses, storage areas, printing facilities, kilns, industrial floors and many other types of commercial and industrial applications.

2405 WCE - Common Hall Condominium

1600 APU - Fire Station



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